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Leader in Korean Ramen 
Samyang is one of the leading instant noodle brands in Korea. After successful launch of Samyang Cup Ramen, which was the first cup ramen in Korea since 1963, its ramen range was expanded to a wide variety with more than 20 flavors nowadays including Kimchi, Beef, Seafood, Sutah, Udon, Chinese Soybean Paste and Hot Mushroom.

Samyang ramen are all manufactured and packed in Korea to assure consumers of the excellent product quality. Today, Samyang ramen are exported to more than 45 countries in the world with high reputation for meeting customers¡¦ ever-changing needs.

The word "Samyang" consists of : 
SAM - literally in Korean meaning "three" and representing Heaven, Earth, and Mankind, as they are at the beginning of the Universe. 
YANG - literally in Korean meaning "nutrition" that is provided to the human being with constant and abundant nutrients. 
In brief, the word SAMYANG illustrates the ideal and purpose of the ever growing Samyang Foods.