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China has become the leading manufacturing base for products worldwide. Among the different area, the Pearl River Delta maintains its leadership as manufacturer base. Nevertheless, to exploit the manufacturers and sustain competitive advantages is never an easy job.

Our Department will take care of the buyers worldwide and understanding their concern on quality, prices, due date delivery, design capacity and will handle the barriers of language, culture, distance, finance and quality control they need to conquer to build up rapport between the various manufacturers. Instead, building up rapport with Getz will ensure that they have a good alternative to the way they handle their procurement.

Currently we can supply quality consumer products handbag, artistic lighting, antique radio set, thermo flasks, umbrella, crystals as well as OEM products such as electronic games and licensed decorative items, just to name a few.

And we believe that personal rapport is important in business, come talk to us and we will provide you the best source of information we can.