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Heightening working pressure, fast pace of urban life, serious air pollution problem are affecting Hong Kong peopleˇ¦s health. Drink more Sensa Cools to relieve your heatiness and pressure!

Sensa Cools Range

Sensa Cools Herbal Powder - Sensa Cools is a refreshing herbal powder cooling drink for relieving heatiness. It contains traditional herbs that are well known on relieving the symptoms of heatiness that are commonly associated with sore throat, mouth ulcer, bad breath, problems in bowel movement, pimples etc. It also contains natural Vitamin C.

Sensa Cools Bottle Drink - No bitter taste of traditional herbs, relieve heatiness & detox fast and helps to enhance body resistance. The advantage of this technology is filling the production in low temperature condition, so that it can keep the natural flavor and active ingredients, also makes the production with stronger efficacy. Three flavors - Herbal Lemon, Herbal Green Tea & Herbal Chrysanthemum are available now!!