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Permacel offers a full product line of electrical/ electronic tapes engineered to handle all applications with a reliable and consistent quality of performance. New product creativity and consistent quality control are invaluable to Permacel maintaining its image as a quality-conscious tape manufacturer. The developmental and manufacturing expertise cultivated over a half-century of experience guarantee that you receive the right tape for your use each in every time you choose Permacel! 
Drilling Process Permacel tape provides the secure, movement-free hold-down of the panals during the drilling operation. While providing maximum holding power, the tape is easily applied and removes cleanly from the surface leaving no residue.  
• P-786 General Packaging/ Masking Tape  
• P-02 Double-Coated Paper Tape  
Plating Process Permacel tapes protect circuit boards from splashing and fumes of harsh chemicals during plating process. The specially designed blended silicone/ acrylic adhesive provides maximum adhesion with no leakers and easy tape removal with no residue.  
• P-377 Red Polyester Plating Tape  
• P-366 Blue Polyester Plating Tape  
• P-335 PVC Fume Tape  
• P-925 Gold Anchorage Testing Tape  
Gold Finger Masking Permacel tape protect gold fingers during wave solder and hot air leveling. During wave solder, the Permacel product provides 100% protection from the 650 degree F heat and still removes without any trace of residue. During hot air leveling, the Permacel product protects the desired areas, holds tight, and removes cleanly.  
• P-221 1-mil Dupont Kapton Polymide Film Tape  
• P-222 2 mil Dupont Kapton Polymide Film Tape  
• P-2271 Paper Wave Solder Tape  
• N-700 Hot Air Leveling Tape  
• P-341 Hot Air Leveling Tape  
Component Carrier Permacel offers strong, precision slit products in order to hold parts secure for eventual use in automatic insertion equipment during the bandoliering and sequencing of axial and radial electronic components.  
• P-271 Flat Rope Paper Reel Packaging & Sequencing Tape  
• P-272 Flat Kraft Paper Reel Packaging & Sequencing Tape  
• 749BN Component Reel & Sequencing Tape  
• 744S Radial Lead Component Packaging Tape Hi-Tech™ High Temperature Masking & Holding Tape