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Van Houten Chocolate & Cocoa Powder
Many years ago Van Houten was the first choice for grandmothers preparing cocoa beverages in their kitchen throughout Europe and America. Now the brand enjoys a much wider prospect. Responding to consumer demands, Van Houten has developed a diverse range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa powder. Van Houten is all about great chocolate for any moment of the day. When you are choosing Van Houten, you are choosing: Quality - Authenticity - Indulgence - Good conscience

Van Houten Product Range:
Cocoa Powder - 100% cocoa powder with multifunctional usage – cocoa drink (hot and iced), chocolate cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, yogurts and as chocolate powder topping in cappuccino or coffee. Bring you into chocolate world!!!

Pouch - Another format of chocolate product – nuts and fruit glazed with chocolate in bite size. 80g per bag, which is suitable for both self consuming and sharing.

Chocolate Bar - Whole Hazelnuts, Whole Fruit & Nuts and Semi Sweet Chocolate Almonds are served in 38g and 72g size to all chocolate lovers.