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Ice Breakers Sugar-free mint candy & gum
Ice Breakers is a fun-loving brand that provides a mouth-freshening lift. Each of the great tasting mint and gum products contains revitalizing flavour crystals guaranteed to deliver dazzling taste sensations. Ice Breakers mint candy comes in several flavours, including berry sours, fruit sours, Duos, orangeade and mint. For Gum products, they are introduced under another brand called Ice Cubes.

Ice Breakers Product Range
Sours Range - intensely sour and pleasantly sweet combinations of berries, melons and citrus flavor, specially picked to refresh your mouth.

DUO Range - Ice Breakers DUO combines sweet fruity taste with refreshing cooling crystals.

Orangeade – deep orange flavor perfectly harmonized with refreshing mints

Mint – a cross between watermint and spearmint. Refresh mouth with icy mint flavor

Ice Cubes - These frosty cube-shaped pieces of gum are instantly cold and loaded with dazzling flavor crystals which come in 2 formats, box and can.