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Rohm and Haas
OILSOL range of dyestuffs which were developed primarily for the coloration of organic liquids, thermoplastics and resins where transparent colors are required. For most applications, the colors are inpermiscible so that any required shade can be produced by suitable color selection and mixing.

Carlfors Bruk
Carlfors Bruk is the sole producer of aluminum powder and aluminum paste in the Nordic countries. These products are used in paints, plastics, printing inks, lightweight concrete and industrial explosives. Carlfors Bruk has been certified since 1995 in accordance with ISO 9001. Carlfors Bruk is characterized by the quality of its products, where variation from batch to batch is hardly measurable. Quality assurance is a continuously on-going process, during production testing, analysis and records are continuously made.

Dynaloy has developed a wide range of solvents specifically for the removal of acrylics, epoxies, urethanes and silicones, Dynaloy solvents and removal products could quickly remove cured and uncured materials from application and mixing equipment.

Dynaloy is recognized as a key materials supplier to several critical markets, including the rapidly evolving microelectronics industry.

Dynaloy has moved operations to a greatly expanded, new, world-class research, development and production facility in July 2005. All areas of the facility are designed to enhance creative thought and facilitate product design, responsiveness, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

  • Dynaloy Solvents Guide
  • Dynaloy Conductives Guide

  • Willow Ridge
    Willow Ridge Plastics is the degradable plastics industry leader. They have a long track record of developing breakthrough products that set new ecological and quality standards.

    Incorporated in Northern Kentucky, Willow Ridge Plastics has over 15 years of experience making degradable plastic additive products, new proprietary products have also been created to meet all types of applications and degradation requirements.

    A new generation of degradable additives for non starch applications meet and exceed current market requirements for degradable plastics. Whether it is for UV, bacterial, or oxidative degradation, Willow Ridge Plastics is eager to customize the additives to meet customers¡¦ requirements.

    Additionally, Willow Ridge Plastics additives meet American and European standards for food contact.

  • PDQ-H Technical Data Sheet
  • PDQ-H Àô«O²£«~

  • FDA Approved Colors
    Our company supplies reputable colors that are certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these colors could be used in food, drug and cosmetics applications. Both forms of dyes and lakes are available, please contact us for further information.