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Bamboo Salt Toothpaste - Eun Kang Go & Won Seng Back

Lifelong gum care through bamboo salt used in oriental medicine

It contains only the finest quality bamboo salt derived from bamboo grown on Jiri Mountain, filled with bay salt from the West Coast, sealed with yellow soil and baked nine times in a kiln at 1300 degrees. As KoreaíŽs first Oriental medicine toothpaste, it is remarkably effective at preventing gum disease. Its efficacy and benefits are recognized by various international oral care associations. It is truly both a Korean and an international product, patented in 16 countries including the US and Japan.

ReEn Hair Care Products

JaYun Shampoo & Conditioner
- JaYun Shampoo íV Dry / Oil
- JaYun Conditioner íV Dry / Oil

MoKang Shampoo & Conditioner
- MoKang Shampoo íV Dry / Oil / Sensitive
- MoKang Conditioner íV All Hair Types

Containing ancient Oriental hair care ingredients passed down through generations, ReEn aims to be a hair care brand that maximally preserves the beauty of Oriental hair. The result of a systematic analysis of Oriental hair performed jointly by research centers in Korea, Japan and China, ReEníŽs hair care mechanism is based on the yin-yang theory of the East.