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A new beverage range from Tenwow - Milk Tea - On top of 「天喔茶庄」金系列, Jacky Cheung (張學友) will also be spokesman for Tenwow milk tea (天喔炭燒奶茶). Tenwow Milk Tea is brewed from high quality Oolong Tea leaves and blended with New Zealand Milk, specially charcoal roasted at 50℃, create a superior taste of milk tea Tenwow Charcoal Roasted Coffee Milk Tea is real brewed from selected quality of coffee beans, it offers smooth taste with right touch of milk tea, is a perfect blend of coffee, milk and tea.

Tenwow Jin Guanyin & Jin Puer Tea - endorsed by Mr Jacky Cheung, was the first product series launched in Hong Kong since 2011. With no artificial flavours, colourings & preservatives added, this pure tea series is regarded as health drinks which also provides long lasting taste and smooth mouth-feel.

Tenwow Honey Citron & Honey Pear Tea - Tenwow has appointed Korean movie star - 李敏鎬 as our new spokesman for its Honey Fruit Tea. Tenwow honey citron & pear tea also have strict control on materials selection and every production procedures to ensure the best quality. Use honey, citron & concentrated pear juice as natural ingredients. It is tasty and healthy.