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Damtuh Healthy Tea
Take your time with a cup of tea
“Health is the most important thing in our lives.
Enjoy your healthy and happy life with Damtuh.”

Damuth commits to producing “Korean teas” with supreme quality to serve people all over the world with discriminating fine and healthful teas, encompasses the tea culture of Koreans and the world.

Powder Tea:

Walnut Almond Adlay Tea
It is a delicious & healthful tea made of carefully selected nuts, peanut milk powder obtained by the spray drying method, and the powder of roasted Job’s Tears cereal. Unlike ordinary Job’s Tears tea that has a dull taste, almonds and pumpkin seeds are added to enhance the taste of nuts. The product quality is also improved by mixing high quality of walnuts.
Sweet Pumpkin Yam Tea
Sweet pumpkin has widely been loved as a healthy food with its high contents of starch, minerals, and vitamins and simply by its good taste. Yam is a good source of saponin and other nutrients that are helpful for our body. Sweet Pumpkin and yam are ideally processed into powdered tea under optimal conditions. Sweet Pumpkin Yam Tea is a naturally healthy tea that can easily be enjoyed anytime anywhere.

Liquid Fruit Tea:

Honey Citron Tea
Honey contains various groups of vitamins(B,C) and minerals (potassium, zinc, calcium) in the forms that can be easily absorbed. It is good for the skin and promotes metabolism. Korean Citron has a unique scent and has long been pickled or infused for drinks. It is good for colds, fevers, coughing, and swollen tonsils. It is also effective for hangover and loss of appetite.

Solid-type Extract Tea:

Jujube Tea Plus
Jujube tea plus is a healthy tea made of concentrated extract from jujube and various nuts such as walnuts and almonds, provides a lively nutty taste. Jujube contains plenty of protein, sugar, organic acid, mucin, Vitamin A, B2, and C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. It is effective in stabilizing nerves and preventing aging.
Han Tea
Most of the ingredients including jujube are processed at cutting edge technology – the vacuum freeze drying system. This system enables the colors, texture, and aroma of the ingredients to be kept in their original state. The ingredients will recover their shapes when adding into water.
Ginger Tea Plus
Ginger tea plus is made of powdered ginger, which is extracted and concentrated from ginger, and various nuts, such as jujube and almond. Ginger promotes the activity of the liver and promotes urination and perspiration. Ginger Tea Plus is helpful for increasing appetite, strengthening of the stomach, alleviation of fever.

Other Kinds of Beverage:

Omiza plus
Our new product ‘Omija-Plus(+)’ is a powder mix drink made with Omija extract gained by processing high-quality Omija through extraction, concentration, filtration and spray dry. Omija drink has been well known with its excellent smell and taste and been enjoyed traditionally. The name Omija came from its 5 tastes: sour, sweet, hot, bitter and salty. Especially, a beneficial ingredient called Anthocyanin is contained. With clear color of the tea and refreshing taste, this drink is ideal for modern people.