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Okamoto Condom
Okamoto Industries Inc., established in 1934, is a manufacturing company devoted to innovate, produce and provide high quality goods that facilitate better living. Its prominent product ˇV Okamoto condom is the No.1 brand in Japan and is renowned for its innovative super thin condom 0.03 series.

Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen is Americaˇ¦s No.1 brand in nail care with an extensive selection of nail treatment products, nail color, hand care and implement lines. Sally Hansen is always the preferred provider of innovative, high-quality and high value head-to-toe problem-solving beauty treatment products.

LG Household & Health Care
As the Korean No.1 household and personal care manufacturer, LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) has been established for over 65 (1947) years with a high market penetration. Its products have been marketed to all over the world and this renowned brand is conceived as the market leader in the household and personal care category in Korea. Its oral care product is very popular in Korea and is famous for its brilliant quality.

Biokill offers highly effective and professional pest control products which are now being sold in over 45 countries worldwide. Insecticides have a long developmental history marked by the continuous struggle to improve efficacy whilst increasing the safety for humans, warm-blooded pets and the environment. Biokill has focused and managed to effectively fill this gap with its safe and environmentally friendly range of products.

Summerˇ¦s Eve
Summerˇ¦s Eve® is the leading brand of feminine hygiene products in the US market, and one of the most comprehensive feminine care lines in the world with internal and external cleansing & freshening products. Summerˇ¦s Eve is currently sold internationally in over 40 countries.