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TEEKANNE guarantees premium quality, ALL FROM ONE SOURCE, as the complete process from the field to the finished product leaving the TEEKANNE factories is under TEEKANNEˇ¦s control. 
  • TEEKANNE experts select only the choicest raw materials from the best worldwide growing regions. 
  • The tea tasters examine the sensory properties before only the best materials are being tested in TEEKANNEˇ¦s state-of-the-art laboratory under standards exceeding the already strict German foodstuffs regulations. 
  • More than 20.000 analyses per year are being made in the TEEKANNE laboratory as different materials undergo multiple testing before the finished products are being approved by the expert teams. 
  • TEEKANNE blends are being composed by the TEEKANNE product development according to experiences gathered from worldwide activities to ensure that the products meet the consumersˇ¦ demands. 
  • TEEKANNE blends and packs the products with gentle care and quality assurance. The factories are certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, IFS and HACCP.

  • TEEKANNE offers a wide range of innovative premium quality teas for every occasion. In Hong Kong, we are pleased to present to you the following ranges in selected retail stores:

    'Classicˇ¦ Herbal and Fruit Teas ˇV A choice of classic herbal and fruit blends. 
    100% all-natural and naturally caffeine-free. No added flavors. A great variety with refreshing, comforting and fruity tastes. 

    Harmony for Body & Soul ˇV 100% all natural herbal blends.  
    Specially selected ingredients to offer teas for different moods. No added flavors. Harmony for Body & Soul with its carefully crafted herbal blends brings both flavor and function is in perfect harmony. 

    Herbal Wellness Tea ˇV Specially selected fruits and herbs are blended with exciting natural flavors to create these delicious teas. Indulge yourself in the passion of flavor while savoring the functional qualities of herbal blends. Herbal Wellness Teas are available in three categories of Soothing, Relaxing & Energizing.