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With China's production capabilities becoming stronger and stronger, more and more international buyers have started to switch their sourcing focus to her so as to remain competitive. Mature development of communication technology such as the internet reduces the difficulties to look for a supplier in China. Yet simple does not imply easy, there are still lots of barriers - languages, cultures, mutual trust, traveling time and overheads; all in all, accuracy and quality are major obstacles being encountered by international buyers. 
With Getz's strong manufacturing networks in China and our years of experiences in product souring, we can effectively and efficiently supply our customers with tailor-made quality products at reasonable prices. For we are dedicated to take care of your product sourcing, development, production and delivery processes on our side so that you may concentrate on serving your own customers in your own markets. In this way, Getz is always your best business partner.

  1. Benefits for all customers - We offer one-stop service from just ideal realization to the delivery of the products to your warehouse.
  3. Design Capacity - With our architects and designers' innovative and sensitive mind, we can quickly draft and realize your ideas to production.
  5. Quality - We are committed to offer you quality products that can fulfill your quality standards and requirements.
  7. Price - We are committed to offer you quality products at reasonable and competitive prices.
  9. Production - We are certain that our production capacity can reach your desired quantity output standards and, those products are to be delivered punctually.

Current Scope 
We are extremely flexible to meet your sourcing requirements and can source a large variety of products. At this moment, we can provide you immediate information on the following items: 
  • Plastic Novelty Items
  • Digital Cameras
  • Umbrellas
  • Thermal Flasks
  • Bags
  • Crystals
  • Household Items
  • Festival Items
  • Shoes

Please check our online catalogues and should you have any inquiry, please contact us immediately. We look forward to serving you always.