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Marketing & Promotion
Getz provides full marketing services to the manufacturers / brand owners in meeting their marketing objectives and supporting their brands and manages critical marketing elements: advertising, public relations, event marketing, database marketing and demonstration and sampling.

Advertising is the quickest and the most direct way of promoting products to the consumers. Getz has abundant experience in organizing advertising campaigns utilizing such media as television, radio, magazine, newspaper, outdoor or the Internet. With good connection with advertising agencies and media owners, we enjoy good media discounts and rates that are passed on to manufacturers directly. 
Public Relations 
Apart from paid advertising, some products would require a soft sell or informative approach. This is where public relations come into play, with notable examples like press releases, press conferences or advertorial / editorial coverage. Getz adds value in this respect through our good connection and expertise.  
Event marketing  
Event marketing is a means to reinforce brand equity, but at the same time it also serves to fulfill promotional needs. Our marketing team helps plan events that tailor to the needs of the brand or the product item. Events such as exhibitions, sponsorship, seminars and workshops are just some examples of what we have done in the past.
Database marketing 
Database marketing is a cost efficient way of building relationship with target customers. With focus on customer relationship management, Getz is best positioned to facilitate this form of marketing through its experience in managing club membership and loyalty programs.

Demonstration and Sampling
Demonstration and sampling are a bridge to bring consumers closer to patronizing our products, through which product uniqueness and taste are conveyed to them in a more direct, personal way.

Sales & Distribution  
We have a professional and seasoned sales and merchandising team who calls on and services our customers on a fixed call cycle. We can provide a wide and deep distribution coverage of both on-premises and off-premises outlets, depending on the needs and nature of the products. Currently, we sell to customers from various trade channels, including supermarkets, personal care stores, department stores, drug stores, convenience stores, cosmetic shops, baby shops, fashion boutiques, catering outlets, institutions and the Government. With key account customers dominating the retail grocery trade, we are also paying particular attention to key account management and category management as well as customer relationship management. 

Logistics and Repackaging
Nowadays, supply chain management is an indispensable part of the business. The drive towards optimizing supply chain efficiency has meant that there is less buffer stock along the supply chain and less lead time for replenishment. Getz has integrated the most critical components of the supply chain into a single solution for your business, with efficient consumer response and throughput.  
Getz provides various types of logistics services for both in-house business partners and companies requiring third party logistics, such as warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, custom clearance, returns and claims processing. 
In addition, we are proficient in assessing multinational logistics issues, advising manufacturers of the local and China's logistics policies and procedures, evaluating the efficiency of shipping lines and container size, and dealing with innovative applications of emerging advanced technologies.

To facilitate overseas manufacturers with a more flexible ranging, Getz offers in-house repackaging facility for relabelling and special packaging in accordance with the regulatory or marketing requirements. Promotional packs like premium and other banded offers and special festive packaging like Chinese New Year packs can be organized in the most cost-effective, flexible and convenient way.