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Getz Bros. & Co., Inc. is the largest non-commodity marketing and distribution services company in the United States. Getz Bros. & Co., Inc operates more than 40 offices in 21 countries around the world with long establishment in Asia Pacific including Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Pakistan. Getz Group is built up focusing on growth in business segments where it has experience and expertise. Getz Bros. & Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Getz Hong Kong) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Getz Bros. & Co., Inc. well renowned for its innovative marketing and customized distribution services. Getz Hong Kong has built up its strong business networks and portfolios in both Consumer Goods and Industrial Products markets. For years Getz Hong Kong is able to meet customers¡¦ needs, secure good market shares and satisfies the expectations of international brand owners. Providing full services to principals or brand owners, Getz Hong Kong imports quality products from America, France, Germany, U.K, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Korea and Taiwan exclusively for Hong Kong and China markets.

Getz Hong Kong is an ideal partner for companies which look for continuous growth, positive solutions, proactive actions, value creations and long term collaboration. Holding strong position in Hong Kong with proven business success, Getz Hong Kong is expanding into China. With China accession to WTO, Getz Hong Kong is ready to reactivate its China trade experience since the 19th Century.